Reinventing GMP: Take your manufacturing practices from good…     to great.

Verifiable GMP and HACCP standards tell your customers that they shouldn’t have to worry about the quality and safety of the products they buy from you. However GMP and HACCP standards are just the beginning. Maintaining your customers’ trust and confidence is an ongoing responsibility.


GMP/HACCP solutions: Whether you are auditing your suppliers – or your customers are auditing you – Noraxx can help you. As a recognized Third Party Supplier for GMP/HACCP audits, Noraxx can establish a comprehensive food safety and quality management program for you, including:

  • Facilities and equipment
  • Processing/production methods
  • Ingredients and materials handling and storage
  • Records and logs
  • Hygiene
  • Staff training and best practices, and more.

Here are the key services we offer:

Improved practices & implementation: We help identify problems and keep them from recurring by working proactively with you to raise the bar on overall safety and quality.

Audits: Typically an annual or biannual assessment at each location.

Actionable audits and reports:  Clearly written and presented in a timely manner. They can be supplemented with photos, graphs and other easy-to-understand data.

Support and consulting as required: We’re always here when you need us – for any questions, staff- or management-level training, emergency food borne illness investigations, and more.

Why choose Noraxx?

  • Recognized GMP/HACCP audits that your customers can trust.
  • Environmental sampling: monthly or annual testing of products, equipment, air or water quality.
  • Responsive local and regional support to complement and augment your national program.