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Maintaining and improving food safety and cleanliness standards across all departments and locations is one of the fundamentals of successful brand management. With the rising popularity of prepared and ready-to-go food products, services and in-store dining facilities, grocers are faced with some great new opportunities – and also some important new challenges.

Noraxx can help you establish, improve and manage your food safety and quality management program – not only in your food prep areas but across all departments – to achieve consistent, reliable results. Here are the key services we offer:

Inspections: Typically a quarterly assessment at each location.

Reporting: Inspection reports are printed and reviewed on-site at each location. They are also immediately uploaded to our web-based database, so that you can review them in real time and access them whenever and wherever you need to.

Actionable audits and reports: Presented in real time, clearly written, and supplemented with photos, graphs and other easy-to-understand data.

Support and consulting as required: We’re always here when you need us – for any questions, staff- or management-level training, emergency food borne illness investigations, and more.

Why choose Noraxx?

  • We specialize in serving grocery chains of every size.
  • We have extensive experience with corporate and franchise operations.
  • We provide responsive local and regional support to complement and augment your national program.