Our customers are happy when their customers are happy

One mistake. One oversight. One bad apple.

That’s all it takes to ruin a customer’s order. In a heartbeat, that one bad experience could undo all the good will that might have taken months or years to build up. Welcome to the high cost of “good enough.”

Relax! You’re just 3 steps away from food safety and quality excellence

Step 1: What’s your baseline? Our inspection staff will visit one of your locations to inspect your current food safety and QM practices. We’ll look at facilities, equipment, storage, records, employee hygiene and food handling practices. Our goal is to assess what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve it. This is where most of our new customers are shocked to see (a) how much more can and should be done, and (b), how cost-effective the solution can be.
Step 2: What’s need-to-have vs. nice-to-have? Once we’ve identified and discussed your areas of potential risk, it’s time to move forward proactively – to prevent problems from recurring and to raise the bar on overall quality. We set this out in black and white – including hard data, photos, lab results, etc. – so you’ll know exactly what it will take to get you where you want to be.
Step 3: We’ll take it from here… Your new program will map out each of the steps to be initiated and followed at your locations – all of it coordinated and documented for you. Here are the deliverables:

  • Inspection: Typically a quarterly assessment is performed at each location.
  • Reporting: Inspection reports are printed and reviewed on-site at each location. They are also immediately uploaded to our web-based database, so that you can review them in real time and access them whenever and wherever you need to.
  • Support and consulting as required: We’re always here when you need us – for any questions, staff or management-level training, emergency food borne illness investigations, and more.


Why choose Noraxx?

  • We specialize in serving restaurant chains of every size
  • We have extensive experience with corporate and franchise operations
  • We provide responsive local and regional support to complement and augment your national program.